Here we go….

So, here goes nothing. My first blog ever, so please forgive me if it is not as perfect as you expected it to be.

My intentions for this blog are to give you a glimpse at the desserts, cakes and cupcakes that I create and share the inspirations for them. Lately I have been greatly inspired by Amanda from I am baker, and for the very first cake I will share with you I tried out her rose cake technique and the technique she used for her easter egg surprise-inside cake. I just love the reactions a surprise inside a cake get!

Goodbye cake inside

I used the easter egg technique to make letters, which I then baked into a chocolate cake. After baking the cake I covered it in roses, added chocolate letters and that’s it! You can see I need to practise a lot more on the roses, but I think it’s not bad for a first attempt. Here’s a picture of the complete cake:

Goodbye cake

Now, I know the pictures are not good. I’m starting this blog to see if I like blogging and I promise, if I do, I will invest in ways to make better pictures!

Hopefully see you soon!



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