A happy sun cake

It’s been a while, but here’s another cake I made some time ago. It is a cake made for the first birthday of a little girl. This was the first cake I made to order with specific requirements. It mainly had to be a happy cake, preferably in the shape of a sun. And, I had exactly 1,5 day to think of a design and make it!

Because I had little time to do any shopping, I started from materials that I still had. The end result was a simple round cake with a yellow/golden buttercream frosting and a smiley face on top.

sun cake.

Of course, this doesn’t look like a sun yet, I still had to add rays! It wasn’t exactly sure how many people would be at the party and there were going to be a lot of children, so I decided to make the rays out of smaller triangular cakes and mini cupcakes.

The mini cupcakes were chocolate flavour with a simple buttercream.

IMAG0520 (2)

The triangular cakes were also chocolate flavour, but with a marzipan cover.

The final cake, from the top:

IMAG0518 (2)

And a close up from the side:

IMAG0519 (2)


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