Volcano cake

So, it’s been a while (again), but I’m making up for it with one of my biggest projects up until now:

A volcano cake!

complete cake

I was asked to make this cake for a friend who really likes volcanoes. I started to look for a good recipe for both the cake and the lava online, but I had trouble finding one.

During my search I found a recipe for a cake without butter, egg or milk, and I really wanted to try it. Turns out it has the perfect consistency to build a volcano. Here’s the recipe I used for the cake, from Sweet Little Bluebird’s blog.

To get layers in the cake resembling different types of rock, I made two colours of batter, each with a slightly different flavour and used the technique that is used to make a zebra cake to get nice layers. There are many videos and blogs online that use the zebra cake technique, just google it and you’ll find it. I made one of the batters in chocolate flavour, just like the recipe. For a lighter batter I substituted half of the cocoa powder with custard powder.

A detail of the different layers in the cakes:

Layer details

The outside is covered with royal icing, which hardens on the outside so it will get you a nice and rocky/muddy look; I used gel food colouring to make it brown. The lava is made out of a white chocolate ganache, again coloured with gel food colouring to get it the right red colour. Play around a bit with the cream vs chocolate proportions to get the right consistency. You might also want to vary the consistency between the lava inside the cake and outside. That way the lava won’t flow all the way down the side of the cake, but it will flow out when you cut into the volcano. The sea is made out of fondant.

A detail of the outer layer of royal icing:

Mud detail

For the entire cake I made a total of 8 cakes in different sizes. Before stacking the cakes, I cut out holes in some of them that I filled with lava. After shaping the cakes, but before decorating them with the ‘mud’, I cut out a hole in the middle of the largest one, so I could fill it with lava afterwards.

The biggest volcano when it’s cut:

Cake cut into

In total this cake was enough for at least 15 people, because it is quite high.


One thought on “Volcano cake

  1. This cake was just amazing and perfect!! The lava was a bit hard outside but still liquid inside – as a volcano. The outside rocks were nicely made and the cake was really good!! It was a really good volcano surprise cake!


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