Rainbow cookies

This time I was inspired by Eugenie Kitchen and her rainbow heart cookies. Unfortunately I didn’t have a heart shaped cookie cutter that was small enough, so I used a flower shaped one instead. For the complete recipe, check Eugenie’s website.

First, I started making the dough:

Deeg voor kleuren

From this dough I took about 2/3, and I coloured it in 6 of the 7 rainbow colours. Only 6, because it is very difficult to make the difference between indigo and violet.


I then rolled each colour until around 5 mm high and the same size:

Uitgerolde kleur

After a thorough chill, the colours are stacked and glued together using an egg white wash, and cut into strips the size of the cookie cutter you use.

Gesneden gekleurde deeg

The strips are chilled again and then I used the flower cookie cutter to make as many rainbow flowers as possible. The flowers are glued together using the egg white wash and then chilled again.

Geplakte bloemetjes

Then I covered the rainbow flowers with the 1/3 uncoloured dough that I kept apart. I first put a thin layer on the flowers and after thickened it with small pieces until there is approximately an even layer of uncoloured dough surrounding the flowers.

Gesneden rol

This roll is chilled one last time. This chilling is very important, otherwise you will not be able to cut the cookies and keep the shape of the flowers. After the final chill, the roll is cut into cookies of around 0.5 cm thick and baked.

Gebakken koekjes

And that’s it! Pretty cookies that look way more difficult to make than they actually are!

Koekjes bij elkaar


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