Decorated cupcakes collection

As I’m busy baking for an Easter brunch, just a quick post with a collection of cupcakes I made some time ago.

The first set of cupcakes I decided to make just 2 hours before going to a birthday dinner, because I wanted to bring an extra, small present.

What would be better than some decorated cupcakes? All of them are decorated with fondant, the cupcake itself is a simple vanilla cake.

So I made these for the birthday girl:


And these for the birthday boy:


Some other time I made carrotcake-cupcakes, decorated with a classic cream cheese frosting and the small carrots are made of marzipan.


And a last set of cupcakes for today, these are chocolate-cointreau mini cupcakes. They are decorated with a mocha buttercream.

Chocolade cointreau cupcakes_1


Rainbow cookies

This time I was inspired by Eugenie Kitchen and her rainbow heart cookies. Unfortunately I didn’t have a heart shaped cookie cutter that was small enough, so I used a flower shaped one instead. For the complete recipe, check Eugenie’s website.

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A happy sun cake

It’s been a while, but here’s another cake I made some time ago. It is a cake made for the first birthday of a little girl. This was the first cake I made to order with specific requirements. It mainly had to be a happy cake, preferably in the shape of a sun. And, I had exactly 1,5 day to think of a design and make it!

Because I had little time to do any shopping, I started from materials that I still had. The end result was a simple round cake with a yellow/golden buttercream frosting and a smiley face on top.

sun cake.

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A rainbow cake

For my second post I would like to show you my version of a rainbow cake. I’ve seen a lot of rainbow cake recipes lately, most of them using food colouring to get the colours. I wanted to see if I could make a rainbow cake with as much natural colouring as possible and with fruity flavours.

This is result:


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Here we go….

So, here goes nothing. My first blog ever, so please forgive me if it is not as perfect as you expected it to be.

My intentions for this blog are to give you a glimpse at the desserts, cakes and cupcakes that I create and share the inspirations for them. Lately I have been greatly inspired by Amanda from I am baker, and for the very first cake I will share with you I tried out her rose cake technique and the technique she used for her easter egg surprise-inside cake. I just love the reactions a surprise inside a cake get!

Goodbye cake inside

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