Decorated cupcakes collection

As I’m busy baking for an Easter brunch, just a quick post with a collection of cupcakes I made some time ago.

The first set of cupcakes I decided to make just 2 hours before going to a birthday dinner, because I wanted to bring an extra, small present.

What would be better than some decorated cupcakes? All of them are decorated with fondant, the cupcake itself is a simple vanilla cake.

So I made these for the birthday girl:


And these for the birthday boy:


Some other time I made carrotcake-cupcakes, decorated with a classic cream cheese frosting and the small carrots are made of marzipan.


And a last set of cupcakes for today, these are chocolate-cointreau mini cupcakes. They are decorated with a mocha buttercream.

Chocolade cointreau cupcakes_1